Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Writer Returns to Belmar

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon in Belmar we had a book event going on at the Boatworks.  Author Mick Bennett grew up here, before going to Pennsylvania for college and establishing a life in Gettysburg, also a town that sees its share of tourists in the summer.  Times at the beach gave way to writing, but now the two have come together.  He was here in town today to promote his first published novel, "Missing You in Belmar, NJ."  The story and characters are pure fiction, but the setting is based on his experiences growing up in Belmar.  This book, set in the 1980's, is the first novel of a planned trilogy built around the central character.  Above, Mick Bennett with his book, below, the crowd enjoys hearing him read an excerpt from the opening chapter.  Those in attendance were very excited by what they heard and are looking forward to future installments.

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