Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sip & See in the Summertime

Next summer, renowned Atlanta based artist Suzanne Hughes Sullivan will be offering a workshop at the Boatworks called Still Life Oil Painting in the Classical Realist Tradition.  It will run two days, and cover such aspects of the process as choosing subjects and arranging the objects in the still life to create interesting compositions and patterns of light, then building the painting up from the traditional grisaille value underpainting to the oil glazes used by old masters for centuries.

But that's a year away.  Meanwhile the artist happened to be in Belmar this week and decided to offer us a little preview.  Last night a group joined her at the Boatworks to enjoy beverages and see a little demonstration of the process.  If this sounds like the kind of workshop that would interest you, be sure to check out our class listings next summer.

photo by Rebecca Szabo

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