Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fresh Paint for Spring

Although we were lucky enough to get through the past 12 months without a hurricane, keeping the Boatworks in gallery shape is a constant effort.  Between exhibitions, classes, interest groups, musical performances, and organizational functions, the building sees thousands of visitors every year.  That's a lot of feet on our floor.  And though there was no hurricane, construction around the building led to flooding that required us to rebuild the stage, which is now up and running.  The same flooding resulted in damage to our painted floor in both front and back rooms.  (see above) We took advantage of a gap between shows to fix up the interior before our big 10th Annual Jersey Shore Juried Art Show.  Hutch assembled his usual suspects, first last weekend to repaint all the walls inside the building, and then again today to repaint the floors.

We use a durable epoxy based paint for this job.  With extension rollers and a lot of effort the job was finished relatively quickly.  Started in the back, and then the painters gradually worked their way up front.

Before the paint dries, the decorative multicolor flakes are added.  Some favor a simple sprinkle technique (above), while others favor a more energetic flinging (below).

With the task done, the building was locked up to let the paint cure.  It will be ready for meetings and classes next week, not to mention our reception for the JAS10 next Saturday from 5 to 7 pm.

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