Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Day in the Life of the Boatworks

The summer crowds may have left town, but things were pretty busy around the Boatworks today.  We had scheduled a day of building and grounds improvements, but some of them couldn't wait until today.  For example, the town continued their plans to remedy the drainage issue on the 7th Avenue side of our building, building the form for what will be the new concrete footing for the stage, as well as providing a surface drain and pipe access.  But when they pour that concrete, they will also give us a new slab (below) to support our shed.  We expected to be preparing that ground today, but suddenly they got it done.

Also on our list of chores for today was to reinstall our large wooden sign post and new sign.  The post had been moved as part of the paving project earlier this year.  Again, the town workers volunteered to put it up a few days ago, saving us that task.

Luckily we still had a few things to do.  Great things were done with our front yard earlier this year, but there were some empty areas.  Room had been left for some trees to be planted, and so some big holes were dug in our rocky ground.  Our volunteer force moved three trees into place and filled the holes back in.  They are the same species as trees planted by the town on this block, so when they sprout leaves next year they should fit in just fine.

A bike rack (above) that has bounced to places all around the Boatworks since we moved in was moved to a new place, away from planted area.  Meanwhile Pat was spraying a new coat of paint on railing that would be reinstalled by the ramp between the front and back galleries, a spot that too many people had tripped on over the years.

Pat also handled the repainting of our front door (above). The purple color was debated, but it is such a recognizable part of the building, we decided to keep it.  However, one new change occurred- a ceramic fish numbers sign for our address was mounted on the wall outside, a bit nicer than the peel and stick numbers we had before.  (below)

Our friend Anthony was also there today, helping out with tree planting, but also with two tasks of personal interest.  He is going to be adding some murals to the building.  The recently cleared area behind our building (above) has revealed a large stretch of flat blank wall, but to make sure it doesn't get obscured again he was digging up some of the large roots underground.  Likely before that big job, he'll be creating a design for the wood area under our front window below, so he put down a coat of primer.

Meanwhile, things were busy inside the building as well.  Today was the second day of intake for the upcoming Masquerade exhibition.  Over the two days we had over 60 submissions for this show of mask themed works.  The show opens with a reception next Saturday.

Running at the same time as the Masquerade show will be an exhibition of the art of Andrew Dennis.  This show will be in the side gallery, with all proceeds going to the BAC.  Above, Dana discusses show plans with Andrew and Sandy Dennis.

All of the above happened between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm today.  The Boatworks is a busy place and will continue to be in the coming weeks.  Make sure to stop by sometime soon and check it out for yourself.

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