Saturday, June 15, 2013

Working in the Yard part 2

Last month a group of BAC volunteers spent several hours doing some outdoor improvements to the grounds around the Boatworks.  A general clean up, weeding, and some plants were added to old and new beds.  However, that still left a lot of empty space around the building, and today we continued that improvement process.

Prior to today's effort, Rutgers NJ Agricultural Station was contacted to get recommendations for native plants that would be more likely to survive the somewhat challenging environmental conditions that come with this piece of property.  A truckload of plants was delivered this morning and carried to places around the building.

Several plants were put in the ground alongside the building, just under our postcard mural,  but most were brought around to the front.

The plants were arranged in the spaces on either side of our front walk, then our crew began to prepare the ground.  This is one of the last remnants of our old gravel parking area, which had served the same function for previous occupants of the building.  We started by raking as much of that surface gravel up as possible before digging holes.

Unfortunately, we found that gravel was just as abundant below the surface, mixed with the dense packed sand.  For extra fun, we occasionally found layers of concrete and asphalt a few inches down, and had to cut through that.  Several swings with a big pick helped get these holes started, after which shovels could have an effect.

Most of the plants went into deep holes in the rocky ground, but both sides of the path also now have sand dunes, planted with grasses and other small plants.

There is still more work to be done in these areas, but great progress was made today.  Results of all this planting can be seen above and below.

Many thanks to the following individuals, who contributed plants, or their hard labor, or both, to today's  latest round of improvements:  Paul Bonelli, Mike Carroll, Dana Cohoon, Pat and John Hutchinson, Pat Knight, Art Nelson, Glorianne Parisi, Richard Rappleyea, Rochelle Ritacco, Bill Ross, Richard Salls, Gerri Vergona, and Tom Volker.  Don't feel bad if you missed out on today's fun- there's still more work to do.  Contact the BAC to find out when and where we will need help again.

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