Thursday, August 2, 2012

Opening Up Facebook

Tonight was the August monthly member meeting at the Belmar Arts Council, back at the Boatworks this month.  After we covered some upcoming business- art shows, classes, groups, music performances- we turned the meeting over to our guest presenter, Connie Gutierrez.  Connie is a Belmar resident and BAC member and was invited to share some of her experience with using Facebook.  With a computer plugged into our projection system, she demonstrated the basics of many processes involved with using Facebook.  She covered how to create an account, showed how users could set permissions on who could view what, how to label and tag photos, and the various types of things that friends can post on your wall.  She also provided some general advice related to security and common pitfalls, and the differences between personal and business accounts.  Handouts were provided for those who were ready to try it at home.

Next month's meeting will also be at the Boatworks on Thursday, September 6th and will feature a presentation from Rob Rielly regarding how to add color to black and white photos.  Meetings are free and open to the public.

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