Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back To The Grind

Old timers in the BAC (anyone who's been around more than 6 years or so) may remember that before we had the Boatworks to be our all purpose headquarters, we held our monthly member meetings in a coffee house on Main Street in Belmar.  That place is long gone, and the Boatworks is doing just fine, but our July member meeting revisited those roots in a way, held at Turnstile Coffee Roasters on route 71.  After the business part of the meeting, we turned things over to our guest speaker, sculptor David Robert Cellitti.  He brought some friends (see above) as part of his talk.  Cellitti has an extensive background in sculpture, and for many years specialized in working with wax, producing work for museums and special effects related pieces for the film industry.

We had a very nice crowd present for his fascinating presentation.  He provided a lot of technical information related to the process and materials involved in the traditional wax sculpting methods he was trained in.  He also shared many interesting behind the scenes stories of some of the famous films he worked on and how his talents were used in them.

Those who came to the presentation got a close up look at examples of the kinds of 3D objects he has produced over the years.

Look for information about future meetings and guest speakers on the BAC main website.

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