Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kaleidoscope Collection at the Boatworks

This past Sunday the Boatworks hosted an exciting event, organized by local resident Charlie Sweeny. He brought together a bunch of creative people representing many different artistic media for a one night art exhibition in our back room. Besides the art covering the walls, the Kaliedoscope Collection also included a temporary half pipe constructed outside (see below) for skateboarders to show off their skills, and a musical performance from local band Brick and Mortar. Most important, he also found a whole lot of people who were interested in being part of this and got them to come to the Boatworks. Estimates are 350 to 400 people, even more than Sweeny had hoped, and further proof of how much local interest there is in the arts. Things kicked off in the early evening and went until about 10 pm, just as the rain arrived.

Our friends at the Coast Star published a few stories about the event, and sent their camera crew over to do a video piece about it. Check it out to learn more about how it came together, and some of the people involved, as well as to see examples of the art that was on display.

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