Thursday, May 27, 2010

Belmar Urban Myths Coming Soon

It's refreshments. It's a metaphor and exercise for creative writing. No, it's both, and all part of the first workshop related to this summer's Belmar Urban Myths event. This exhibition and competition will be unlike anything else we've done before. We are seeking urban myths about Belmar. Maybe you know a classic legend about Belmar, or perhaps you want to make up one of your own. The story can be told in the form of traditional 2D or 3D art, but we also will welcome audio, video, poetry, music, and a variety of mixed media.

Tonight the Boatworks hosted a workshop related to developing creative ideas and providing information about the procedures. Merry Brennan took care of the first part, while Mark Ganguzza (below) handled the second part. Don't worry if you missed it tonight, as a similar meeting will be held on June 10th. Then on July 7th and 8th there will be a video workshop, where interested participants can receive some technical advice and assistance on their entries. Actual submissions are due July 31, 2010, with the exhibition opening August 7th.

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