Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tabletops are finished!

It was a long process, beginning back in May when the Table Top Challenge was announced, and canvases were distributed to those who dared accept it. In August the canvases came back to the Boatworks for an exhibition and judging. That's when the table making process began, many aspects documented in the above photos taken over the past few months. First, the painted canvases were carefully removed from the stretchers, and set aside. The wooden table tops were sanded and the edges painted black. We removed the tops from the pedestals as the first step in attaching the canvas to the wood. A light table was used to trace the 24 inch diameter circle of canvas that would appear on the table. Contact cement was applied to back of the canvas and the wooden top, the pieces joined, and the canvas rolled and smoothed.
Once fully adhered to the wood, the canvas was trimmed around the edges, even to the circular edge of the table. The clear protective coating was mixed from a 2 part formula and poured over the top, then spread over the top and edges with a brush. A pin was used to pop a few tiny bubbles that formed. The still wet tops were placed back on pedestals on the stage to dry for a few days.
In time for yesterday's opening, the tops were reattached to the pedestals, finishing the tables. Special thanks to Wendy Green for coordinating the whole process and doing most of the work to finish the tables, with help seen above from Paul, Kevin, and Pat. If you want to see all 12 finished tables, you'll have to stop by the Boatworks. It will be worth the trip.

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