Saturday, May 31, 2008

Art In and Out

This morning was the intake day for the "I Love Belmar" show, as well as the distribution of circle marked canvases for the "Art in the Round" show. The summer exhibition committee and other volunteers were on hand to accept entries from the steady stream of artists dropping off work for the "Belmar" show. The juried exhibition will open on Saturday, June 7 with a reception from 4 to 6 pm. Meanwhile, more than 30 artists took advantage of the opportunity to pick up a specially prepared canvas for "Art in the Round". Those will be judged in late July, so it's not too late to pick up a prepared canvas and be part of the Table Top Challenge. Contact the Belmar Arts Council for details.

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phrog said...

Just as we thought, artists love to step up to a creative challenge. That's probably why we had such a good response to the "I Love Belmar" theme and the chance to develop "Art in the Round." This summer's art shows will also benefit good causes locally, which should motivate art lovers and patrons as well as art makers. Proceeds from "I Love Belmar" will be shared with the Belmar First Aid Squad. Proceeds from next month's show, "Food for Thought" will benefit the Belmar Food Pantry. And "Art in the Round" willhelp the BAC develop its performance space. Don't you love a place where art is part of the fabric of the community?