Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wicked Times in Belmar

Has the Boatworks been taken over by an invasion of large skeletal rodents?  No, it's just seasonal decorations in connection with the current show in the galleries.  Wicked! A Sinister Art Exhibit opened last week, filling both the front and back galleries with some spooky, thought provoking, and occasionally disturbing artwork.  But it is October, the one time of year when such things are not only tolerated, but actually welcome.

The show includes a mix of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and mixed media explorations of the creepy kinds of things that tend to be on our minds this time of year.

The show opened back on October 12th, and will continue until October 28, 2016.  Gallery hours are Wednesday to Saturday, 1 to 5 pm.  Admission is free.  If you dare to enter.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Selfies in Belmar

If the current show in the front gallery at the Boatworks looks familiar, it's because, well, it's us.

The show is called "Selfies: an exhibit if self-expression."  Despite the title, this is not a room full of portraits of people taken with their own cell phone cameras (such shows do exist), but what you might expect when artists are given the opportunity to create self portraits.  Some are fairly representative faces, while some artists went with more symbolic or metaphorical views of themselves.

There are 33 works in this show, a variety of mediums, so if you stop by the gallery between now and October 7th, you might see an old friend on the wall.

With summer over the gallery has returned to regular hours, so Selfies can be viewed from Wednesday to Saturday, 1 to 5 pm.  Admission is free.  And maybe while you are there, take a selfie with Alan the Robot, who has probably been in more selfies than all the people in the show combined.  We'll be throwing him a birthday party on September 24th, from 5 to 7 pm.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Art Still On the Line

The rear gallery at the Boatworks currently has a show that is both old and new.  A couple of weeks ago we had an event called Art On The Line, small works on paper produced by our members, and displayed clipped to lines hanging from the wall.  Dozens were sold at that one time event, but many many more remain.  The previous show in this space came down a few days ago, so the lines of art are coming back.

These photos are just a taste of what's there, about 150 pieces on the day it was hung.  The images vary, along with the mediums and subjects, but all are 5" x 7", a size easy to frame for hanging in your home or office.  (click on the photos to enlarge them)  Prices are low, and even lower when more than one is purchased.  Just $20 for any one piece, and get two for $35, three for $50, five for $75, and an incredible thirteen for $100.  Unfortunately, the refreshments that were available at the original event (provided by 10th Ave Burrito, La Dolce Vida, D'Jais, and Sweet!) are long gone.  Taylor Hardware, just a few blocks to the south, sponsored the original exhibition.

These pieces remain on display until Friday, September 9th, or until they are all sold, whichever comes first.  Do not wait long to come see this show.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Race is About to Begin

They are ready to wave the flag.  The race is about to begin.  That is to say, the next exhibition at the Boatworks, called A Day at the Races.

This is a non-juried show, curated by Megan Kennedy, with a theme of race competition, however the artists depicted that.  Could be runners, cars, horses, or anything else.  The show includes 25 pieces in a variety of mediums with both 2D and 3D art.

The show is open to the public now, but there will be an official reception this coming Saturday, August 13th, from 5 to 7 pm, with free admission as always.  The show will remain on display through Friday, September 9, 2016 during established gallery hours.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Opens in Belmar

Time for the second of the two summer SOLO X2 exhibitions.  This time we are featuring the retro future work of Karen Waller.  The exhibition is called "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives", and the paintings live up to that title.

The artist writes, "I celebrate New Jersey highway architecture painting the remains of the days when Americans could afford to be whimsical in their plans, individual in their pursuits and optimistic about their prospects.  These buildings, still wondrous yet fading like a dream come morning, serve as my own personal metaphor of aging."

These kind of sights once filled highways and city streets all over our state and nation, as well as in our shore towns, but times have been changing.  Anyone who has been around Belmar for several decades can talk about all the businesses that have come and gone, many of them still missed by those who appreciated the bold space age styling, the colorful neon, and associations with good times.  This exhibition includes over 20 paintings (done in acrylic, which she feels is most appropriate to the style and time period of the subjects), in which she has attempted to "capture the past that once symbolized our future."   The Freedman's Bakery sign is gone from our yard, but it's not too late to enjoy this view of our past.

The opening reception for "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" is Saturday July 16, 2016 from 5 to 7 pm.  the show remains on display through August 6th, admission free as always.

artwork photos provided by the artist

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer Art

Summer has definitely arrived in Belmar.  Sun, heat, lots of traffic jams on the Parkway and on all the local roads, parking very difficult to find- all pretty much what you'd expect on a summer weekend.  However, summer also brings art to Belmar and we have two new shows right now in the Boatworks.

In the front gallery we have the Summer Solstice Artisan Market.  Whole bunches of local artists are displaying examples of their creative output, a very wide variety of items for sale.  There are baskets, ceramics, jewelry, hand made soaps, small paintings and photos, fabric based items, and other interesting crafts.

The summer solstice may have come and gone, but this Artisan Market will continue through August 6, 2016.  The days will gradually be growing shorter, yet the gallery will still be open Wednesday to Sunday, from 1 to 5 pm.  Artists are encouraged to replace items as they are sold, so you'll want to come back often and see what new items are on display and for sale. Admission is free.

Fiber Art for Our Eyes

This summer BelmarArts continues the tradition of Solo X2.  Back in the spring we sought submissions for solo exhibitions in our back gallery.  A committee of experienced arts professionals (David Levy, Anna Wainwright, and Douglas Ferrari) chose two artists to be part of our summer schedule.

The first of the summer solo shows opened tonight- "My Eyes Are Down Here" by Juliet Martin.  The artist works with fibers, a mixed combination.  The pieces involve weaving, using a traditional Japanese process, but get a bit unusual after that.

The pieces in this show can be grouped into some basic shapes (bodies, torsos, pillows), but within each piece the colors and textures are more freeform.  Colors can come from commercially produced yarns, or materials she has dyed herself.  Combinations are often atypical, yet form pleasing mixes of colors in the final piece.  Construction can include weaving, embroidery, and attaching pieces by sewing them together.  The works make reference to clothing, bodies, and the male gaze, besides the more formal issues of color and texture.  The pieces end up being a mix of representation and abstraction, of conceptual and the literal.  A show not quite like any we have ever had here before.

The individual pieces and the whole show are best appreciated in person, rather than from photos, so if this kind of artwork appeals to you, bring yourself to the gallery before the show closes on July 15, 2016.  Summer hours are Wednesday to Sunday, 1 to 5 pm.  Admission is free.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Show and Tell, Belmar Style

Tonight BelmarArts held a Member Meeting and Ice Cream Social.  The format for the meeting was a  Show and Tell, with all participants invited to bring in examples of their work to share with the others.  This could be work in progress or even just processes and materials being experimented with.  Meanwhile, a table on the side had an assortment of cookies, cupcakes, and ice cream cups.  Those in attendance got to see examples of fabric arts. wood relief prints, carved and polished wood, wax encaustic painting, writing projects, among other things.

For example, John Hutchinson talked about LED lights and motion sensitive switches.  The technology goes back decades, but in recent years it has become much less expensive and easily adaptable to computers.  He has used it for decorating the exterior of the Boatworks, and for some of his many creations, like our most popular member, Alan the Robot.  Above he showed us how any computer could be used to program sequences of light and color, such as with the blue light in his hand.  But that wasn't all.  Later he switched from high-tech to low, and cranked out a significant section of this jigsaw puzzle below.  Our Hutch is a true Renaissance man and we are lucky to have him.

As for the member meetings, I'm told that the Show and Tell format may return in the future, when we don't have another special topic planned.  Information is always available on the calendar page of the Belmar Arts main website.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Old Masters Come to Belmar

Last night the Boatworks hosted the opening reception for the latest exhibition from BelmarArts- Old Masters.  The show, curated by Stacy AS Pritchard, includes over 40 works of art, many of which may seem quite familiar.   That's because everything in this show is inspired by the works of "Old Masters," however the participants defined that.  Everyone who is an artist got into it because they saw something they liked and aspired to making themselves.  We can't take classes from famous painters of the Renaissance, and the great artists of the Modern period are no longer with us, but we can copy their works, or take ideas from their works, and in doing so, maybe learn a thing or two.

The influential artists span the history of fine art, and represent many parts of the world.  In some cases you may instantly recognize the source of the inspiration, but if not, that information is included in the labels for the pieces.  Don't be surprised if you find yourself inspired by either the historic artists being referenced or the contemporary artists in this show.

The reception was not as crowded as some we've had, but we estimate about 75 people came through over the course of the evening, and many were impressed and excited by what we have on the walls, or as in the case below, on pedestals.

The Old Masters exhibition is open through June 24, 2016.  Summer hours are now in effect, so the gallery will be open 1:00 to 5:00 on Wednesday through Sunday (except holidays).  Admission is free as always.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

TXTR Opening Reception

Not exactly a great day to be outdoors at the shore today.  Not much rain, but not much sun either, cool and damp.  Inside the Boatworks we had a surplus of light, color, and interesting textures.  Our second annual youth art show was built around a theme of texture.  Exhibition curators Kelly Fogas and Aaron Weber found a wide and interesting variety of textured theme art for this show.

We estimate about 100 were in attendance today, viewing an exhibition spread throughout the whole building.  Refreshments included cake provided by Sweet! in Belmar.

Awards were provided by the Order of the Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh of the Jersey Shore.  Three local art teachers received memberships from BelmarArts- Alex DiJiovanni of Neptune, Melissa Numerowski of Toms River Intermediate South, and Karen Waller from Bergen County Technical School.  Of course there were also awards for many of the exhibiting artists.

Most Textured

2nd Place
Fun House
Ricky Ritzet, The Rugby School

1st Place
Jeff's Crazy Hair Day
Christopher Yuro, Austin Beard, Troy Vander,
James Kuhl, Campbell Challonder, 
Toms River Intermediate South


2nd Place
Emily Zimmer and Erica Hernandez, Howell Middle School

1st Place
Plastic Wave
Art Club Neptune School


2nd Place
Boardwalk Dog
Ryan Costello, The Rugby School

1st Place
Beckoning Cat
Bridget Keeler

Most Interactive

2nd Place
Showery Night
Josh Basilt and Maggie Jaspan

1st Place
The Big Top
Point Pleasant Borough Life Skills Students

Best Of Show

Sea Turtle
Oscar Vizcaino
Bergen County Technical High School

Unfortunately, this show ends on May 27th, so if you haven't seen it yet, make plans to come to Belmar soon.  Admission is free.