Wednesday, March 22, 2017

JAS 13 is up on the walls

Today the JAS 13 went on view.  That stands for the 13th Annual Juried Art Show, our longest established exhibition, which goes back to before we moved into the Boatworks.  The official name tags for the works are still in progress, but everything is labelled and available to view.

Besides being our oldest show, the JAS is our most competitive.  This year we had 182 entries, with the juror selecting just 84 to be part of the show.  As for which ones will be winning prizes, that remains a mystery for now.  We are told that $1000.00 in prizes will be awarded, but those won't be announced until the official opening on Saturday, April 1, 2017, from 5 to 7 pm.

The JAS 13 will remain on display during regular gallery hours (Wednesday to Saturday 1-5 pm) through 5/15/17.  Admission is free.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Past, Present, and Future

Tonight the Boatworks hosted a special Members event, celebrating Past, Present, and Future.  All three were represented.  BelmarArts has long depended on its members to get things done.  We only have one regular paid staff, so we rely on volunteers to get a lot of things accomplished, and tonight's party acknowledged some of that.  Members brought in a variety of foods for the refreshment table, more than we could eat during the event, though we're about a lot more than eating.

Live entertainment was presented by Jon Falk, who I am told will be taking charge of musical performances for us.  Music is a big part of our mission, so it's good that we have someone stepping up.

Out in the front room we had tables set up to recruit other helpers.  Keeping BelmarArts going requires a lot of work, so we were looking for people who want to be involved in general volunteer work, landscaping, office work, curating, fund raising, teaching art classes, etc.  Even if you weren't there tonight, we still welcome people who are interested in being a part of what we do.

Another part of tonight's event was acknowledging some of the many people who help keep things going.  Certificates were handed out to several people who have contributed much time and effort to the organization- heading up committees, running programs, etc.

But if nothing else, tonight was also a party.  Food, drink, music, even lots of party balloons.  The current gallery show, the annual Photography exhibition, is up for another week, so if you haven't seen it yet, make sure to get here during gallery hours and see it.  After that shows comes down, it will be replaced with the annual juried show- check the main website for details.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

13 x 19 Annual Juried Photography Exhibition Opens

As usual we had a big turnout for the latest Annual Juried Photography Exhibition.  By the official start time of the opening crowds were packing the gallery, and more were coming in the door.

No specific subject this time around, and a mix of black and white and color photography, more than 50 prints are on display.  The one common requirement was size- all work is 13" x 19" or 19" x 13".

During the reception on February 25th, the prize winners for the exhibition were announced.  

Best in Show
Vienna Electric City Bus
Robert Raia

Honorable Mention
Sailor Dance
Frank Parisi

Honorable Mention
Jeanne Schneider

Merit Award
Left Behind
Elizabeth Schultz

Merit Award
Ed Deverell

Merit Award
Walk on the Beach
Sarah McGovern

Merit Award
Iceland Highland
Barbara Halpern Cohen

Best in Show (Youth age 15-17)
Julia Matthews

Honorable Mention (Youth age 15-17)
Bright Wave
Matthew Cherekjian

The 13 x 19 Annual Juried Photography Exhibition fills both the front and back galleries, and remains on display through March 17, 2017.  Admission is free.

Images of Award Wining Photos provided by the artists.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Themeless Salon Opens

Big crowd in Belmar tonight for the Salon event and opening.  The new show is called Themeless, and the more than 60 works reflects that, in the sense that there is no common subject or medium.  This collection of member art includes a wide variety of paintings, photographs, sculptures, prints- little in common with each other except for being enjoyable artwork.  Well before the official start time a huge crowd was gathered to see the show and learn more about the art and artists.  That information would come from the artists themselves.

The event commenced at exactly 5:30 pm as planned.  Each artist present was given a few minutes to talk about their piece in the show- to tell about inspiration, process, tools, whatever they felt was important to share.

We had 44 of the artists in the show present tonight and talking about their works.  Some brought other people with them as well.  As the photos show, it was a pretty packed house.  But it was all handled with efficiency, and we got through everyone in about an hour.

After the Salon event was done, people were welcome to hang around, continuing to view the work, or asking more questions of the artists.  The bulk of the work looked at tonight is in the front room gallery, but some artists put a second piece in the show and these are in the back.

This Themeless Salon remains on display through February 17, 2017 during regular gallery hours.  Admission is free.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Space at the Boatworks

Things were semi-shut down around here for a few weeks around the New Year, and that quiet time was used to get some work done on the building- painting, etc.  A few bigger changes, too.  The side room that has served a number of functions since we built it (most recently Rebecca's office) has now   been rededicated as a classroom/workshop/meeting space, allowing simultaneous functions in the back without people being disturbed by the sound of the furnace.

The room is ready to go and open for business.  Check it out next time you are in the building.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Themeless Times in Belmar

Not much going on around the Boatworks the past few weeks, but that's about to change.  Today was the intake day for the next show, which is called Themeless.  In recent years our first show of the year has traditionally been a Salon style show, which for us means open (not juried) to all paid up members and all exhibiting artists are invited to present their contribution to the assembled people at the opening.  Just a few minutes where the artists can talk about the piece and the process used to complete it, which can mean medium, tools, inspiration, etc.  They also may take a few questions.  This is our only show of the year in this format, but because it provides so much insight into the works, it is also always an interesting experience.

It is also the first show we've had since before Christmas, so that opening becomes an opportunity to reconnect with other members, friends, and local artists who come to see it.  Following Hurricane Sandy, BelmarArts was shut down for several months, but the first Salon show of the new year was packed with visitors, overjoyed to have the place back up and running.  Nothing so extreme this year, but word is that we had over 60 entries.  I don't know how many artists have more than one piece (we only get to talk about one artwork each), so I don't know how many artists may be presenting, but it should be a good evening.

They will start hanging the show on Wednesday, January 18th, and the reception will be Saturday, January 21, 2017, from 5 to 7 pm.  The Salon portion of the event begins at 5:30 sharp- we have a lot of people who will be talking about their work and need to start on time.  The show will remain on display during regular gallery hours through February 17, 2017.  Meanwhile, a bit of remodeling has been going on during the break, so if nothing else, you may want to check out the updated look of the Boatworks, but the art itself should be quite interesting.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Jingling and Mingling

On Sunday the Boatworks hosted the Annual Jingle and Mingle party, where members can join together to partake in refreshments and to enjoy live music and seeing old friends.  And we have art on the walls, too.

The entertainment was provided by Sal & Michele.

While some people never made it to the back room, but just stayed up front to check out items for sale in the Winter Solstice Artisan Market.

The Jingle and Mingle event is now over, but the Winter Solstice Artisan Market continues during regular business hours through December 22, 2016.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

New Art in Belmar

We had two new shows open at that Boatworks this week.

In the front gallery we have the latest edition of the Winter Solstice Artisan Market.  A wide variety of products created by our artist members, suitable for holiday shopping needs, or for giving gifts to yourself.

Available items include jewelry, candy, dog treats, leather work, ceramics, hand made soaps, baskets, small works, home decorations, and too many other things to mention.  

As items sell, creators have the opportunity to replace them with new items, so make it a habit to stop by and see what is available.  Perhaps lured in by Small Business Saturday and some weekend specials, we had a never ending stream of visitors today, some browsing, and some buying.

And then in the back gallery we have a new exhibition curated by the Arc of Monmouth, a non-profit agency that serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The show includes works by 15 people, a wide variety of subjects, mediums, and styles.  Artist biographies and examples of their works can be seen at their web page.

There will be a Meet the Artists Reception on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, from 5 to 7 pm.

Both exhibitions remain on display during regular gallery hours (Wed to Sat, 1 to 5 pm) through December 22, 2016.  Admission is free.

Fall Clean Up

Last Saturday our friends from Troop 258 were back at the Boatworks to help us with our ongoing improvement of the property.

Keeping nature at bay is a never ending battle.  This past summer the various weeds that had sprouted in the dirt and sand surrounding the building were threatening to consume our whole building.  And while I personally enjoyed the three dimensional aspect this brought to our Undersea mural, it had reached a point where it was out of control.  In recent months a bunch of volunteers have contributed to efforts to cut back the wild plant growth, which by this past summer was looking like what you see above.

So a lot has changed since the summer, and while the coming winter weather should slow down the formation of another jungle, this latest effort from an Eagle Scout from Troop 258 will also help.

Our large collection of cast concrete creatures, which emerged from the ocean along Belmar beach right around the time we moved into the Boatworks, were temporarily moved so that the rest of the weeds could be removed and a weed barrier could be put down.  Then they were returned, clearing the brick path, but still allowing us to see the mural.

Also done as part of this was the installation of this colorful fence, created by Katie, one of our summer interns, which keeps our garbage cans out of view and can inspire people to make some art.

Next time you stop by the Boatworks, take a few minutes to walk around the outside and see all the improvements.

some photos provided by Nicole Vincenti

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

BelmarArts goes to Spring Lake

Over the summer BelmarArts put out the call for something new- an exhibition of art originating in Belmar, but the show itself being held in Spring Lake.  The proposal got a very good response, and almost 80 artworks were selected.  About a week ago the chosen artists made the 24 block journey south from the Boatworks to the Spring Lake Community House (home of the Spring Lake Theater and the Spring Lake Library, among other things) to deliver the work.  The show was installed and opened to a good crowd on Sunday the 20th.

The gallery is upstairs in the Spring Lake Community House, a large brick building on 3rd Avenue (which is the continuation of Belmar's Main Avenue), between Madison and Brighton.  There are no posted hours of operation, but someone working there told this blog that the building is open pretty much every day.  Based on the number of activities going on in the building, this sounds plausible.

The space is not set up like a typical art gallery, but with salon style hanging, room was found for all the art.  As with most shows in our own space, mostly paintings, with some drawings, photos, prints, and sculptures.  As can be seen in the photos, a lot of furniture is also in the room.  It is regularly used for meetings and other events, so the artwork will have had quite an audience by the time the show ends on March 12, 2017.

No specific theme to this show, just good art and a lot of familiar names.  And just like the Boatworks, admission is free.  Just get there before it closes on March 12th.