Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Day at the ArtWalk

Today was a busy day around the Boatworks, and around the town.

A major outdoor project was begun, which will provide landscaping and a large scale outdoor sculpture.  One needed step was removing some dead trees from the empty lot area next to our building, to make way for the labyrinth that will be built soon.  Our own Jim Aberle is the person leading it.  More on this as it develops.

The Art Walk is an event that places local artists and their art in spots all over Belmar- on the street, inside businesses, and in public spaces, such as above and below, events in Pyanoe Plaza.  For example, we had chalk art being demonstrated by Anthony Cappeto, and live music from the band 40 Winx.

We had a large group of individual artists set up in front of the school on Main Street.  Attendance was not only free, but there was an incentive-

People who collected all the code words from all the locations that artists were at were entered into a raffle for this prize basket, filled with lots of Belmar merchandise.

Seems like it's been raining on New Jersey a lot over the past several months, but today we lucked out and had sunny day.  Good for the artists and good for art lovers walking around.

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