Sunday, November 3, 2013

Belmar Now, Broadway Later

Although the stage at the Boatworks has been absent since early in the summer (work continues next week we hope),  the building is still seeing the occasional musical performance.  Today we saw the beginning of what may eventually be a Broadway show.  Musician and composer Tim McCorry, a longtime BAC member and our founding Chairman, chose our headquarters for the premier performance of the songs from Coyote, the Musical.  Tim's show, a love story set against the background of the dangerous world of human smuggling across the border, has been a work in progress for a while now, and it may be years before it will be ready for a full stage production.  However, an appreciative audience got to hear him perform all the songs written so far, accompanying himself on piano.  Between songs he provided a synopsis of the show's story at those points.

Following the last song, Tim answered questions from the audience (about 25 people were in attendance) and provided insight into what goes into the creation of a musical with aspirations of reaching the biggest of all stages.  Based on the response from today, it has not been a wasted effort.  Much more information about the show can be found at

additional photos provided by Dana Cohoon

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