Saturday, January 19, 2013

Black And White Reception

A very exciting night tonight, the debut of the newly restored Boatworks.  Freshly painted walls and floors greeted the crowds who started pouring through the door this evening at 5:00 to be part of our Black And White Salon Exhibition.  Paintings, drawings, prints, photos, sculptures, all executed in black and white.  Even those in attendance (we estimate at least 100 people) were dressed in black and white.

This show fills both the front and back galleries.  Above, visitors check out some black and white art on our new angled wall, which gives the whole room a better view of the stage.

Many just grabbed a table early in the reception to enjoy refreshments, and to talk with old friends who  were happy to be able to come to the Boatworks again.

Black and white wines?  No, we couldn't pull that off.  But red and white seemed to work just fine for tonight's crowd.

The main purpose of tonight's gathering was the Salon.  All artists who were present gathered in the front room starting at 5:30 for the event.  We started with work #1 on our checklist, and went around the room, with each artist having the opportunity to talk about their piece.  Some of the participants regularly work in black and white, while others talked about it as a challenge, but one worth exploring.  The crowd, as large as any that have ever squeezed into that room, could ask questions of the artists if they wanted, and sometimes they did.

The Black and White exhibition will remain up through February 8, 2013.  Regular gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, from 1 to 5 pm.  Admission is free.

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