Thursday, June 7, 2012

Canvas Printing Demonstration

It's not uncommon for the monthly meetings of the BAC to feature a demonstration of artistic materials or process that may be of interest to our members.  Tonight was such a night, with a presentation by Glenn Malmberg on the topic of printing photographs on canvas.  The presentation started with a quick overview of the concerns that face all photographers, however they reproduce their images, before getting into a discussion of printing.

Our speaker has plenty of experience with a variety of formats, and passed around examples of photos printed on a variety of surfaces.  He also passed around many examples of the different materials, papers of different weights and surfaces, as well as canvas surfaces designed to be used in digital printing.  He also discussed canvas wraps, a procedure where the artist's image is printed on canvas, and the canvas stretched over a wood frame (the image wraps around the edges and can be seen on the sides) much like an oil painting.   This can be done by hand, or with modern kits, which include the wood parts, adhesive grips, and pins and braces that hold it all together.  Below, he shows us how the pins hold the corners together to make the frame.

Glenn also provided a lot of technical information to the gathered crowd, discussing different types of printers, commercial providers of photo printing services, and tips for improving the quality of prints.  He also answered questions from those in attendance.

Information about future presentations at monthly meetings is posted on our main website and included in our weekly e-mail newsletter, as soon as we know about them.

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