Friday, August 12, 2016

Art Still On the Line

The rear gallery at the Boatworks currently has a show that is both old and new.  A couple of weeks ago we had an event called Art On The Line, small works on paper produced by our members, and displayed clipped to lines hanging from the wall.  Dozens were sold at that one time event, but many many more remain.  The previous show in this space came down a few days ago, so the lines of art are coming back.

These photos are just a taste of what's there, about 150 pieces on the day it was hung.  The images vary, along with the mediums and subjects, but all are 5" x 7", a size easy to frame for hanging in your home or office.  (click on the photos to enlarge them)  Prices are low, and even lower when more than one is purchased.  Just $20 for any one piece, and get two for $35, three for $50, five for $75, and an incredible thirteen for $100.  Unfortunately, the refreshments that were available at the original event (provided by 10th Ave Burrito, La Dolce Vida, D'Jais, and Sweet!) are long gone.  Taylor Hardware, just a few blocks to the south, sponsored the original exhibition.

These pieces remain on display until Friday, September 9th, or until they are all sold, whichever comes first.  Do not wait long to come see this show.

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